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Affirmats is a yoga mat company based in the grungy feels of Venice, California. Their work represents a world beyond the mainstream culture with artistic independence and a desire to celebrate the small victories in life – on the mat.

The founders, Jason Graham and Aleeza Solowitz, brought me onboard to develop a website that would evoke their passion for the yogi lifestyle; one that would set them apart from commercial competitors. At this point in time, only a logo existed. In order to begin designing a website, it would require more work. I encouraged the founders to commission a photographer to execute our vision. Together, under my direction, we worked as a team visually defining the Affirmats lifestyle brand. To give rise to this unique spirit, we developed a brand rooted in tradition and sprinkled with elements refined and rustic, adventurous and humble, tailored and organic. Elements of the brand were carried through to the video embedded below, created by Sayer Danforth.

Art Direction included: meetings with founders, photographers and stylists to direct them on our vision for the lifestyle brand, location scouting, coordination assistance for day shoot in Topanga Canyon, ensuring we stayed on budget while also completing our goals, providing direction to talent and photographers. Wire framing the website happened once imagery was available. With the help of a developer, the fully custom site launched and sales began. Affirmats is recently under new management and the layout has since changed. Site concepts are located here in the portfolio.


*Logo design by Erika Finney


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