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 The DOVER GRAY girl has a passion for classics, good wine, beautiful stilettos, and a vintage Vogue collection that would bring you to tears. Founded by Heather Perry, DOVER GRAY offers a luxe line of basics that transform from day to evening. With New York fashion experience under her belt, Heather brings knowledge of and appreciation for things superior in quality. During our initial meeting, Heather verbally shared her ideas and I jotted notes while coaching her around the process of creating a logo and brand aesthetics.

Our mission was to build a voice for DOVER GRAY. Heather and I worked together to create a mood board, refine her target market and springboard into research for a logo. Through the process, we built an identity and brought ideas to form. The color palette reflects soft, muted colors with a focus on gray. We landed on a refined concept, which is a careful blend of vintage and modern design. The vision for their branding was for it to echo the voice of their work: bold, independent, chic, and timeless.

Dover Gray

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