Encompass Films
Adventure Filmmakers // Santa Monica, CA
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It all started with one man, one camera, and a 20,000-mile bicycle journey. Since then they have grown. First festivals, then Network TV and web content. The adventure film duo, Nadia and Dominic, cover a variety of interests from elephant polo to ice climbing; stories that portray victory, adventure, curiosity, and strength.

For the logo, Nadia and Dominic knew they wanted a compass rose, so I offered a few variations of their request and we worked together to tailor it to their needs. Because they’re often traveling and need to keep their site current, setting up in a WordPress platform offered them flexibility and confidence to be absolutely in charge of content.

I approached the website aesthetic with an objective to capture their adventurous spirit through playful phrases and bright imagery from their journeys. The website offers a gallery of creative projects, inspirations and notable client work from Hendrick’s Gin to the Canadian tourism board, Travel Alberta. Catch a glimpse of their world in their reel above.

Encompass Films

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