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{R}oils, a play on words, is a hand-blended oil concept from Aleeza Solowitz. Similar to the way music triggers memories, a scent can deliver us to a time and place almost instantly. Wind in her sails, Aleeza’s mission was to connect that summer-fresh feeling of her days at sail to a scent. Salty air, sun-kissed skin and post-sail cocktails are all in a good day’s work. Finding the joy in life can do wonders for a soul.

We worked one-on-one to get her ideas into form, creating content and vision through playful writing and brainstorming sessions. We strive for an apothecary design that speaks to the healing nature of joyful memories in a subtle way. Aleeza is currently working with an essential oil specialist to fine-tune each of the unique scents. Never boring darling, you’re free to be. With a hint of slightly tarnished sunshine (and a little self-patriotism) you’ll be feeling like {R}oil-ty.

{R} oils

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