THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser
Philanthropic Outreach Organization // Orange County, CA
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As one of the few organizations whose primary focus is to promote philanthropic involvement amongst a generation of young professionals, THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser strives to preserve the dignity of breast cancer patients and their loved ones by supporting their unmet needs through funding value added services.

Nilo G, Founder, approached me looking to refresh their logo. Together, 3 designers came together and each owned a part of the refresh. Counterparts were given web, collateral and marketing concepts to address. I designed the logo in spirit of support and strength, staying true to the iconic ribbon symbol per request of Nilo G.

THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser has grown nationwide and will reach over 20 metropolitan cities by 2020. See the logo in application and get a glimpse into their efforts in their video embedded below.

The Breast Cancer Fundraiser

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