Artist Collaboration // E&O + Alissa Bell Press
Letterpress Illustration

The journey collection is a collaboration between two friends who believe that love is the opposite of distance. Inspired by our cross-country relationships, we hope to encourage others to enjoy life, foster love, and nurture more honest connections. We trust in the art of a handwritten letter. We believe that memories have the power to fill the miles that separate people, time, and place.

S o   c l o s e   y o u r   e y e s.   R e m e m b e r   t h e   m o m e n t s.

And know that however far you are, the measure between two hearts is just a journal entry, a postcard,
or a photograph away.


Eighteenth & Oak illustrations for Alissa Bell Press.
Story and process photos in blog // illustration.

Limited edition letterpress prints, scout books, stationary, and postcards.
Available at and select local retailers.

Los Angeles + San Francisco

THE journey Collection

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