Fitness Trainer // Santa Monica, CA
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Todd McCullough is a Santa Monica based fitness expert developing workouts based on a combination of explosive athletic movements and yoga strengthening. Todd guides others to more healthy lifestyle choices via his website and his active training videos and sessions.

I approached the design of his logo, branding and website with the objective of building a lifestyle brand reminiscent of beach life through warm tones, strong contrasted imagery and clean simplistic layout. My mission was to create a brand that speaks to consumers, visually drawing them in. I also created a brand-positioning guide for Todd to get him started. I wanted to help him understand how to live out the brand for consistency, as he is simply a walking billboard for his business. The logo is representative of the “building blocks” of health and fitness that Todd teaches his clients, rotated in a 3-dimensional fashion. I hired a photographer to create the images for our website build. Weekends were spent location scouting, storyboarding concepts, outfitting Todd to represent the beach lifestyle brand and being “on-set” to direct the photographer during shoots.

Complete with a blog, online store and an archive of workout videos, Todd’s custom designed website serves as a hub for the public to experience TMAC20 (20 minute workout videos #NoEquipmentNoExcuses) along with diet plans and other products available for purchase. With TMAC FITNESS, living a healthy life is absolutely an option. TMAC FITNESS has been featured on The Hallmark Channel, Fox 11 News Los Angeles, KTLA Morning Show and various local publications in Los Angeles.


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